Is it humanly possible to man-haul all you need to survive for 3000 kilometers?

On the 17th of May 2022, the Norwegian Constitution Day, we will hit the ice to challenge history, modern equipment, nutrition, and nature. 3000 km has never been done unsupported and unassisted.

The plan is to thoroughly explore all aspects of such a trip with long and tedious preparations. Then, as a courtesy to history, start exactly where Fridtjof Nansen ended his epic Crossing of Greenland in 1888. But instead of cutting across the icecap, we will hit the approximate altitude of 2000m before heading north and in a huge circle touch the 75th parallel before heading south. If nature, preparations, our minds, and luck are with us, we will leave the ice, more than 100 days and 3000km later, at the exact place Nansen started his journey at Umivik on the eastern coast of Greenland.

Our aim is for this adventure to explore advantages not yet taken advantage of, as we simultaneously show how we need to push limits to if we are to give our beloved earth a chance against Global warming.

We hope you will join us!


The logo is symbolizing the aspect of climate, and what the consequences of global warming are causing the animal population. The polar bear is the strongest and most mighty animal that walks the ice cap of Greenland. It has the stamina and strength to walk up to 30 km a day for several days. It is like the polar bears are doing the same expedition simultaneously as us. Unfortunately, the polar bear population is reduced every year due to environmental pollution. So-called POPs (persistent organic pollutants) have been discovered in very high concentrations in polar bears from East Greenland and Svalbard. This has led to concern about the polar bear’s ability to reproduce.

At the same time, the effects of global warming mean that the Arctic ice is melting, thereby further reducing the polar bear’s natural habitat. The diamond shape is symbolizing an iceberg and the ice that is reduced every year due to the effects of global warming. Therefore it is important for us with this expedition to show the world the consequences of global warming is causing the environment in this region. This cause is important to us, and we will convince you that this is important for you too.